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I study labor markets, public programs, and economic inequality in the U.S. My research spans peer-reviewed academic research in (or intended to be in) journals, RAND research reports commissioned by clients, and essays.

You can also check out my SSRN, Google Scholar, and RAND profiles.

All pubs
Publication List

Journal Articles
(2024) "What Makes a Reparation Successful? A Discussion to Inform Design of Reparations to Black Americans." With Berdie and Welburn. RSF: The Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences, 10 (2). Link

(2023) "Mapping scientists’ career trajectories in the survey of doctorate recipients using three statistical methods." Scientific Reports, 13 (8119). With Rennane, Acheson-Field, and Zaber. Link.

(2023) "Worker Mobility in Practice: Is Quitting a Right, or a Luxury?" Journal of Law and Political Economy, 3(1). Link.

(2022) "Leak or Link? The Overrepresentation of Women in Non-tenure track Academic Positions in STEM." PLoS ONE, 17(6). With Rennane (lead), Acheson-Field, Gahlon, and Zaber. Link.

(2022) "Alternative Pathways to Retirement in a Household Context." Journal of the Economics of Ageing, 22 (6). With Carman and Brown. Link.

(2021) "CPS Nonresponse During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Explanations, Extent, and Effects." Labour Economics, 72 (10). With Ward (lead). Link.

(2020) "Who Helps the Unemployed? Workers' Receipt of Private and Public Cash Transfers," IZA Journal of Labor Economics, 9(1). Link.

(2020) "Moonlighting to the Side Hustle: The Effect of Working an Extra Job on Household Poverty for Households with Less Formal Education." Families in Society, 101(3):324-339. With Scott (lead) and Stanczyk. Link.

(2019) "Parents of an Unemployed Child: Labor Supply, Consumption, and Savings Effects." IZA Journal of Labor Economics, 8(1)  1121-1166. With Wenger. Link.



RAND Reports
(2022) "Accounting for Black-White Wealth Differences: A Stylized Model of Wealth Accumulation." RR-A1259-1.

(2021) "What are the Skills Required to Attain a Good Job?'' With Schwam and Zaber. RR-A271-3.

(2021) "Compensation and Benefits for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Workers: A Comparison of the Federal Government and the Private Sector." RR-4267-OSD.

(2020) "Benchmarks for Success: Expected Short- and Long-term Outcomes of National Guard Youth ChalleNGe Participants." RR-A271-1.

(2020) "Supporting a 21st Century Workforce in Puerto Rico: Challenges and Options for Improving Puerto Rico's Workforce System Following Hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017." With Gonzalez (lead) et al. RR-2856-DHS.

(2020) "Challenges and Opportunities for the Puerto Rico Economy: A Review of Evidence and Options Following Hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017." With Bond (lead) et al. RR-2600-DHS



Testimony, Essays, and Reports

(2024) Hearing of the House Ways and Means Committee. "Hearing on Expanding on the Success of the 2017 Tax Relief to Help Hardworking Americans." Written testimony. Link to hearing.

2023) Hearing of the Joint Economic Committee. "Aging Americans and a Waning Workforce: Demographic Drivers of Our Deficit." Written testimony. Link to hearing.

(2023) Hearing of the Economic Policy Subcommittee of United States Senate Banking Committee. "Child Care Since the Pandemic: Macroeconomic Impacts of Public Policy Measures." Written testimony. Link to hearing.

(2022) "Economic Security for the 21st Century." National Academy of Social Insurance. Link.

(2021) "Cash Remains King." With Bradley Hardy, in The Future of Building Wealth: Brief Essays on the Best Ideas to Build Wealth for Everyone. Eds. Ray Boshara and Ida Rademacher, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis and The Aspen Institute. Link.

In Progress


"Using Earnings History to Characterize Quality of Nonemployee Employment." With Daniel Schwam. Monthly Labor Review.

Working Papers

"Towards a Performance Measure of Income Inequality: Trends in Income From 1975 to 2018." With Price. Link to RAND working paper. Link to newer draft.


"Leaking Female Doctorates in the U.S. STEM Academy: A Review and Thematic Synthesis." With Gahlon (lead), Acheson-Field, Rennane, and Zaber. Link to draft.


"Multiprogram Participation in the US: Patterns of Receipt Across Households." With Jessie Coe and Daniel Schwam.

"How Responsive is the Safety Net to Poverty Spells?': With Jessie Coe and Daniel Schwam.

"The Tangled Web We Weave: The Reach of the Social Welfare System(s) in the US." With Jessie Coe and Daniel Schwam.

"What Explains the High Rates of Nonemployee Earnings Among Social Security Beneficiaries?'' With Daniel Schwam.

"The Relationship between the Minimum Wage and Multiple Job Holding." With Hilary Wething.

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