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Published Opinion Essays

"Exploiting Child Labor Won't Make American Great" Bloomberg, The Washington Post

"Use The Estate Tax to Finance Early Childhood Education" Bloomberg, The Washington Post

"The Market is Dictating How We Raise Our Kids" Bloomberg, The Washington Post

"America is About to Fall Off a Childcare Cliff" Bloomberg, The Washington Post

"Soccer's Women Fight for Workers Everywhere" Bloomberg, The Washington Post

"Passed Over for a Black Man? The Labor Market Disagrees" Bloomberg, The Washington Post

"Student Debt, America's Avoidable Disaster." Bloomberg, The Washington Post

"Forget Inflation. The US Economy Has Bigger Problems." Bloomberg, The Washington Post

"Who Deserves Welfare? That's the Wrong Question." Bloomberg, The Washington Post

"Unemployment Insurance Is Stuck in 1935." Bloomberg, The Washington Post

"The US Labor Market's Best Just Isn't Good Enough." Bloomberg

"Child Care has Failed. The Government Can Help." Bloomberg

"Policymakers, Check Your Presumptuousness" Bloomberg, The Washington Post

"US Companies Aren't Firing Like They Used To" Bloomberg

"When Will US Workers Get Paid Family Leave? Try 2035" Bloomberg

"The Job Market Struggles to Solve the Recession Puzzle" Bloomberg

"America is Choosing to Keep Children in Poverty" Bloomberg, The Washington Post

"Yet Again, American isn't Ready for a Recession" Bloomberg

"Mass Long-Covid Disability Threatens the Economy" Bloomberg, The Washington Post

"Working Moms' Winter Math is Getting Tougher" Bloomberg, The Washington Post

"Got a Labor Shortage? Make it Easier to Work" Bloomberg

"Recovered by Not Whole: US Jobs Rebounded, But Not For Everyone" RAND Blog

"The 'Right To Life' Will End Up Killing Women" Bloomberg

"Is a Recession Coming? Beware of This Indicator" Bloomberg

"Amazon Aside, Workers are Struggling to Regain Power" Bloomberg

"Poor Single Mothers Need Money, Not Husbands" Bloomberg

"America's Endangered Solution to Child Poverty" Bloomberg

"How to Explain This Weird Job Market" Wall Street Journal

"What MLMs and Stay-at-home Moms Reveal About the Labor Market" Dallas Morning News

"America Can Find a Smarter Way to Help Workers Who Have Lost Their Jobs" New York Times

"Job Openings are at a Record High, Why Aren't People Going Back to Work?" Barron's

"How the Coronavirus Changed the Child Care Debate" RAND Blog

"Should Mothers Work? We've Been Asking the Wrong Question" Dallas Morning News

"Supporting Working Parents Could Accelerate Recovery" Ms. Magazine

"Will States Take the Wrong Lesson About Unemployment Insurance's Failings?" RAND Blog

"The Pandemic is Completely Changing the Way We Treat Unemployment" Washington Post

"A Bell That Can't Be Unrung: The CARES Act and Unemployment Insurance" RAND Blog

"Unemployment Insurance and the Failure to Reform" RAND Blog

"Without Unemployment Benefits, How Might Americans Make Ends Meet?" RAND Blog

"Covid-19 Gave Managers a Look at Our Home Lives. Will They Now Penalize Women?" Bloomberg

"Women are Leaving the Labor Force in Record Numbers" Dallas Morning News

"Sitting it Out? Or Pushed Out? Women are Leaving the Labor Force in Record Numbers" RAND Blog

"A $2.5 Trillion Question: What if Incomes Grew Like GDP Did?" Promarket

"There are Racial Disparities in American Unemployment Benefits. That's By Design" LA Times

"For Leisure and Hospitality Workers, Weak Recovery Still Looks Like Recession" RAND Blog

"What Unemployment Statistics Obscure About Temporary Layoffs" RAND Blog

"Is the US Stuck with a Fixed Add On for Unemployment Insurance" RAND Blog

"The Racial Disparity in Unemployment Benefits" RAND Blog

"Working Moms at Risk of Being Left Behind in Economic Recovery" United Press International

"Is the Unemployment Rate Now Higher Than it was in the Great Depression?" RAND Blog

"Millions Need Unemployment Benefits. Unfortunately, the Delivery System is Broken" LA Times

TV Appearances

"US Jobless Claims Fall to Lowest Since Jan" Bloomberg

"Is the Fed Going to 6%?" Bloomberg

"US Job Growth Tops Forecast" Bloomberg

"Unique Moment in US Labor Participation and Supply" Bloomberg

"Economy Hinges on Workforce" Bloomberg

"Why Low-Income Families Are Struggling to Afford Diapers" PBS NewsHour

"By Many Metrics, Labor Market Has Not Fully Recovered" Bloomberg


Recorded Events

"Child Care Since the Pandemic: Macroeconomic Impacts of Public Policy Measures" Witness, United States Senate, Subcommittee on Economic Policy.  Sen

"Where Did All The Workers Go?" Panelist, Barron's Roundtable

"Toward an Inclusive Recovery: Understanding and Empowering Women's Economic Participation" Panelist, Federal Reserve Community Development Research Seminar

"Ask us Anything: The Cost of Inequality in our Labor Market" Panelist, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

"Fixing What's Broken: The Pandemic Economy" Panelist, GBH Forum

"An Unequal Burden: Women, Work, Care, and Covid-19" Panelist, POLITICO Women Rule


Podcast Guest

"We are Thinking About Poverty in America All Wrong" Great Ideas

"Income Inequality, Side Hustles, and Social Insurance" Forecast Direct

"Women Leaving the Labor Force During the Pandemic" Poverty and Policy

"Proof Positive of the Winner Take All Economy" Who What Why Skimm This

Podcast and Radio Appearances

Bloomberg Opinion

"Human Rights in El Salvador and Race in Hiring"

"Airline Mergers and Health Worker Concerns"

"Alibaba's Shakeup and Rethinking College"

"The Cure to Bank Runs and the AM Radio Quagmire"


"The Cost of Income Inequality"

"Sunbelt cities top the list of booming U.S. job markets"

"Pandemic-era retirements have left a gap in the labor force"

"Uneven state unemployment rates show different recovery arcs"

"Why hasn’t Congress fixed unemployment insurance?"

"Unemployment insurance is broken. What would it take to fix it?"

"Continuing unemployment claims, explained"

"Laid-off workers are leaving unemployment benefits on the table"

All Things Considered

"Why The Pandemic Is Forcing So Many Women To Leave Their Jobs"

"How record inflation is affecting different people"

Skimm This

"Sign of the Times: Inflation Cooling, Nuclear Fusion, SBF Arrested"

"Both Sides Now: Recession Fears, VP Harris on Abortion, Heat Waves"

"Time Machine: Roe v. Wade and Recession Fears"

"‘Female-Led Recession’: How Economists Think Unemployment Will Impact Women and Minorities"

"The She-Cession: Policy Crisis Meets Reality"

"New Year, New You, New Impeachment"


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